Introduction: Capture and Deploy OS images using WIN PE.

Overview of OS Deployment:

OS deployment can be done with SCCM or MDT with WDS but the trick is you have to manages servers with fully functional and configured, Zero Touch & Lite Touch installations are the concepts in OS deployment using the above said SCCM/MDT/WDS, but again its require some spark technician to configure and maintain without fail and its somehow time consumes job.

Example : First we have created standalone images using sccm 2007 and it’s took 2 hours to apply images from DVD drive , second things we have tried to setup MDT 2012 environment in separate network with dedicated network switch, so in this dictated environment also its taken lot of time to apply the OS image

Why to use WinPE3.0

As we know GHOST in olden days, we use to apply OS images using third party host tool and it’s very easy and will took less I had discussion with my friend what will be the best solution to apply the image in short time he suggested me to try Win PE3.0.

Advantages of WinPE 3.0:

1.)    Compare then other OS deployment methods offered by MS these WinPE solutions is more easy and flexible for small environments

2.)    OS can be captured in compress mode within a less time, example we have captured 10 GB OS Partition in 20 Minutes. To apply the same image it’s took 10 Minutes from USB Disk.

3.)    Captured images can be located in network share or HDD and USB drives.

4.)    OS Drive can be captured alone and the same can be applied to destination partition alone.


WIN PE is replacement of MS-DOS based boot disk and its included various new features.WinPE3.0 is comes with WAIK (Windows Automated installation Kit) and can be downloadable from Microsoft. We are going to cover three parts of steps to Acquire and apply images from reference computer to destination computer.

Part 1: Creating WinPE Boot Cd

After installing WAIK we have to create a WinPE in order to boot the reference computer.

Requirement: WAIK installed system and DVD software to burn the ISO images of WinPE boot DVD.

Part 2: Acquiring OS Images:

One reference computer were we have already installed the required application to be applied on destination computer.

Requirement: Reference computer with installed application to create base images to production users and one USD HDD to capture images.

Part 3: Applying OS Images:

Identify the destination computer and connect the system with WinPE Bootable dvd and start applying the imagex command to specific drives.

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Go through the below link

We have decised to go with MDT for fresh installation and throgh sccm we have captured the image using capture media and the same edited in SCCM console then we have exported as a ISO file for standalone deployment

***We will be posted the MDT 2012 installation setps here very soon***

Click below link for “windows 2012 installation basics:”

“Windows 2012 Datacenter RC Installation Basics”

The following link will be very usefull after installation of server as you can not simply navigate like previous version so you have to refere in this link “

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